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  • Master of the the forward defensive, ambitious hoick to covers and dropped catch, Frenchy Senior also conveniently provides a mobile dressing room wherever he travels. Perhaps the most surpising revelation about Frenchy over the 2016 season is that he actually has more than two shots in his locker. After some quite valid sledging from a Wormley side on the attack asked him if he had more than one shot. He duly obliged with a swashbuckling innings that even included a reverse sweep (we think thats what it was anyway). Somewhat less surprising is that Frenchy is on his final warning for shocking banter in the whatsapp group. Anymore and he is out. 

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 109105519539419.53269601180
Season: 2019
 All teams43016165.33300020
Season: 2018
 All teams151211646414.912400200
Season: 2017
 All teams242404095617.045520110
Season: 2016
 All teams242436879432.7110240430
Season: 2015
 All teams141413536127.155400410
Season: 2014
 All teams550502010.00200000
Season: 2013
 All teams770784711.14000000
Season: 2012
 All teams660733612.171200010
Season: 2011
 All teams220231211.50300000
Season: 2010
 All teams550612212.20900000
Season: 2008
 All teams330393313.00500000

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